Crewman is a web based team coordination and scheduling piece of software, adapted to the rowing sport. It can be used for tracking availability of the persons and boats on the particular dates, determining the crews and resolving potential boat conflicts. Here is the overview of the major features:

No predefined training dates

Unlike the most group planning and scheduling software, the dates in crewman must not be defined in advance. Any user in the system can sign up for any date when he would be available for training. Any other user can see the sign-ups and either join the date or declare another one.

No fixed training groups

Crewman has no formal separation by training groups. All users within a club sign up to the same calendar. It allows timely identification and resolution of the possible boats conflicts among the teams. On the other hand it helps building optimal crews by joining the members from different training groups.

You can rank any other user by frequency of joint activities - means how often you currently row together. There are four categories: "often", "sometimes", "seldom" and "never", which affect the display order of the ranked users in your personal views.

User list

In the example, as viewed by George, Blackadder is ranked "often" and Captain Darling as "seldom". Note that the ranking is totally individual. Everybody can classify other users to optimize his personal view.

Sign-ups are counted separately for different categories, and the pictures of the users appear grouped by those categories in various views.

Sign ups

The counter, as viewed by George, says there are two sign-ups in the category "often" (George and Blackadder) and one - in category "seldom" (Darling).

By having no rigid group separation you can track your regular training group without being limited to it and still have the possibility to combine the teams.

In order to keep sign-up list tidy and clean, you can set the threshold for the user categories you'd like to be visible in the overviews. In the example below, George sets in his settings the rank threshold e.g. to "sometimes+" and the picture of the Captain Darling is no more displayed. But the counter still shows all the sign-ups!

Sign ups

Crew definitions and allocating boats

The signed-up users can be allocated per drag&drop to the particular boats. Thereby the boats availability can be monitored and training groups can declare their intentions for the coming dates. The emerging bottlenecks can be timely resolved by boat negotiations, combining the teams or rescheduling the date.

Sign ups

You can also assign your personal usage frequency to every boat, so that your most relevant boats appear on top of the list.

Personal settings / extended user data

User can provide his rowing preferences for scull, bow or stroke side. This information is indicated by the color squares above the picture and helps to build the crews.

If you specify your date of birth, crewman will calculate and display the age group in the user list as well as the age group of the allocated boat crews, provided the dates of birth of the individual crew members are available.

If you specify your phone number, the others can dial you from their mobile devices by a simple click.

Named events

Apart from training dates you can define named events (e.g. competitions). Like with dates, you can sign up for the events and allocate the boats. The allocated boats are not available for the duration of the event for training dates or other events.

Named events have a function Registration for getting the complete information about the signed up users, containing full name and date of birth (e.g. for registration purposes).

Mailing lists and notifications

You can create mailing lists both for long term usage and for ad hoc purposes, like competitions.

You can send an email to the other users in various ways, whenever you see the Email symbol:

  • in the user list - to the individual user
  • in mailing lists - to the whole mail group
  • in the boat allocation - to the crew
  • in the appointment - to the signed up user

Besides, there is a possibility to call users Call to an appointment or an event. The message would contain direct sign-up and refusal links, and will be sent to the selected group, except to those who already signed up or refused.

Mobile version

The software can be easily handled from the mobile devices. There is an App for Android-devices available. The iPhone/iPad users can run crewman as a Web-App.

Just open the crewman login page on your mobile device and follow the instructions.


If you'd like to give crewman a try with your club, just contact me!

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